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Wahoooooo! We bought the fridge and washing machine today! It’s so exciting, and such a relief to finally know that it’s all paid for and done. We ended up paying $398 for the fridge (Centrex 210lt top mount) which was already on special, and the salesman brought the washing machine (LG) down from $749 to $600. So all up, including delivery, we paid $1060 – which is fantastic considering what we might have paid.

All we need now is the dryer, microwave and vacuum cleaner, which seems like a lot but two of them we don’t need straight away (dryer and vacuum) and microwaves are so cheap nowadays it’ll be easy to get.

Getting very excited now!

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We’re moving out!

So we got the call today – we get the keys to our apartment on the 10th April, at 6pm. It’s so exciting, now we’re just trying to get things together, like the fridge and washing machine, microwave and pots & pans, etc. We’ll get around to it hopefully this pay day, even if the pots and pans aren’t till the following pay day. Number 1 is the fridge – we need somewhere to store our food! And washing machine comes in close 2nd as, of course, we need to wash our clothing.

We’re going to Harvey Norman at some time this week and asking what kind of deal they can do for us on the two items we need the most. Hope they can do the two for under $1000.

Anyway, this was just a quick blog to let you all know the great news and get some feedback!

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On the way…

We’re gradually getting everything together to move out. Today I bought our first cutlery set from The General Trader. We got Tablekraft’s ‘Luxor’ brand (of which you can see images of here), which is a really nice set, and we got it for a fantastic price – it was $169.00, and we got it for $99, which was GREAT!

We’ve mainly been looking around at fridges, washing machines and dryers. We did originally think that the washing machine and dryer would be included with the apartment, but it turns out it isn’t, so they’re now added to the ‘to get’ list. We also need to get a microwave.  We have been looking at Harvey Norman, because they’ve got some good deals on at the moment, but the only thing is we don’t know the exact date that we’re moving out yet, so we’re going to have to wait till we know an exact time so that we can get them delivered, otherwise they might charge us the freakin’ earth to keep them on hold.

Other than that, I can’t wait to move out and be ourselves, by ourselves. I’m so ready for my own place, to do what I like with. Really looking forward to it.

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Unconscious Mutterings Weeks 214 & 215


  1. Contribution :: donation
  2. Ryan :: Seacrest ?
  3. Minimal :: small
  4. Cleansed :: clean, skin
  5. Centered :: text, align
  6. Arrow :: bow
  7. Beyond :: tomorrow
  8. Execute :: executioner
  9. Intuition :: 6th sense
  10. Apology :: sorry


  1. San Francisco :: Dawn and Drew “SAAAANN FRRAAANNNCIIIIISCCOOO”
  2. Sadness :: frown
  3. Spirits :: alcohol
  4. Harriet :: the Spy
  5. State :: of emergency
  6. John :: Smith
  7. Offense :: Defence
  8. TImeless :: universal
  9. Account :: balance
  10. Refuse :: rubbish
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Blogging for the sake of it

Every month or two, I state that I need to blog more. And every month or two I seem to forget to do so. I get so caught up in reading other peoples’ blogs and posting on message boards, and working, that I forget to maintain my own site. I really promise I’ll try to make more of an effort.

For now, here’s a wicked awesome film clip of my favourite song at the moment:

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