On the way…

We’re gradually getting everything together to move out. Today I bought our first cutlery set from The General Trader. We got Tablekraft’s ‘Luxor’ brand (of which you can see images of here), which is a really nice set, and we got it for a fantastic price – it was $169.00, and we got it for $99, which was GREAT!

We’ve mainly been looking around at fridges, washing machines and dryers. We did originally think that the washing machine and dryer would be included with the apartment, but it turns out it isn’t, so they’re now added to the ‘to get’ list. We also need to get a microwave.  We have been looking at Harvey Norman, because they’ve got some good deals on at the moment, but the only thing is we don’t know the exact date that we’re moving out yet, so we’re going to have to wait till we know an exact time so that we can get them delivered, otherwise they might charge us the freakin’ earth to keep them on hold.

Other than that, I can’t wait to move out and be ourselves, by ourselves. I’m so ready for my own place, to do what I like with. Really looking forward to it.

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