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Layla’s at the Vet overnight :(

Layla is overnighting at the vet tonight :( It’s her first time away from home, and I’m fretting like a mother who’s child has gone missing.

Warning: Some of the following is kind of gross!

She started going downhill a couple of weeks ago, when I noticed she’d really lost a lot of weight. I tried to tell myself she was fine, since she’s a lot smaller than Hendrix (who eats more and is a lot larger in frame than her), but I knew something wasn’t right. A day or two ago she threw up a whole lot of bright yellow/green bile. I tried consoling her and managed to get her to drink some water, and she seemed ok after that. But today she actually peed on the floor by her bed, which isn’t normal at all – if she pees on the floor at all, it’s by the litter box, and it’s only if the litter box needs changing, but the litter was changed just yesterday so it was practically fresh litter. She then went and collapsed over onto her side by the litter box and started frantically panting. I got my fiance to call the vet for an emergency visit, since I was freaking out about her (and I KNEW something was wrong), so we took her around there this afternoon.
Turns out that she’s quite constipated, which is most likely the reason for her discomfort, and additionally with all the poop sitting in her, the toxics leach through the body and could make her feel worse if she wasn’t taken care of now. So they said they’d keep her there overnight, give her an enema, keep an eye on her and see if they can get her to poop and when I go to pick her up in the morning she should be ok. From this point on, too, we need to go back to their original diet – since we moved, we had to make some changes to their diets just due to what was available, but we’re going to stop worrying about the cost and just feed them what they were on before.

Positive energy for my kitty (and myself!) would be greatly appreciated!
Layla on... I mean, IN, pot! (by Inspirata [Terri])

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