Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Layla’s Home!

She’s home, and she’s fine :)

Sabrina (our vet) gave her an enema to try and help her poop, and after keeping her there overnight, she still didn’t poop. So she gave her an oral laxative this morning and asked me to just take her home, and see if she poops at home (seeing as she might be a little more relaxed at home). In regards to her weight, Sabrina said she’s perfectly healthy and a very happy cat, and honed into her food this morning, so maybe we need to try separating the cats when it’s feeding time (Hendrix can probably be a little dominating when it comes to the food!), and see how we go then.

So I brought her home about 15 minutes ago. She went out in the sunroom and sun-bathed for a while, then came inside and *hurrah* pooped! I definitely praised her for pooping (never been so happy about my cat pooping in all my life), and will change the litter a little later today in case she needs to rush in there again (I know what it’s like to need to go and the toilet’s not available!!!).

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers – I think it helped me more than anything!!!

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