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So over the weekend, as you may have heard (or if you at least follow me on Twitter), you will have known that there was a huge tragedy at the weekend. It’s the largest loss of life within Australia that we’ve ever seen.

Bushfires scattered around the state of Victoria have taken, at last count, over 130 lives. Houses burnt to the ground, livestock killed, memories lost, entire towns turned to ash.

I don’t know what more to say other than my sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers to all those affected by the Vic Bushfires. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through this type of thing. I was sitting in tears last night, watching updates on Twitter as the death toll grew and grew – from 25 to that latest count of 130 – it’s beyond imaginable.

In addition, my gratitude goes to all the service people and volunteers who put their own lives at risk to help others – you are the true heroes of this nation (and by the way, can we stop calling sportspeople ‘heroes’? It’s ridiculous to even put them on the same level as these people risking their lives).

If you can and feel so inclined, please donate to the Australian Red Cross or the Salvation Army to assist those in need – don’t feel like you have to donate a fortune – I donated $10 and every little bit helps.

RIP to those lost. We will never forget you.

P.S. A note to Senator Stephen Conroy: How about taking the $128 million put aside for the stupid, useless fucking internet filter and giving it to the Vic Fires victims, hmm?

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