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The Last Ten Years

Inspired by my dear friend Sarah, and after seeing this on a couple of other blogs, it caused me to reflect back on the last decade and see how much I’ve changed in what really is a relatively short amount of time. It still seems strange to me that I can even remember back ten years – I know that I’m 22 and that I was 12 then, but it still doesn’t seem right that I should be able to remember back that far. Anyway, here goes…

Age 12. In Grade 6, my final year of primary school. I remember I had a major crush on a guy in my class. Getting ready to head off to high school. Killing Heidi were (and still are) my favourite band. Started really getting involved with computers and webdesign.

Age 13. My first year of high school. Felt awkward and out-of-place. Met some beautiful people, and some mean ones too. Discovered my real love for webdesign and got stuck into it. Had many high school crushes. Met my best friend (at the time), Sarah. Started wearing makeup. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 14. Barely remember it, but this is the year I started dance classes at school and fell in love with it. Discovered more friends and made my first male best friend. Got my site hosted for the very first time. Started learning how to use FTP. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 15. Fell madly in love with a guy I met online, only to be dumped and told he’d been cheating on me. In the interim, fell for another guy online (Michael) and met him in November. Lost the ‘V-Plates’. High school musical production, great fun and awesome experience. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award, along with three subject awards for Social Science, Dance and Media Studies. Passed Learner’s Permit test and started driving lessons with my mum and dad.

Age 16. Final year of high school. Many trips back and forth to Melbourne to see Michael. Entered the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge with my dance class, and came fourth out of about 20 schools. Grades dropped a bit, enough to miss out on the OAA award for the fourth time. Didn’t care; was in love.

Age 17. First year of college (Year 11). Had a ball this year – great classes, more relaxed learning atmosphere. Studied English, Maths, Psychology & Sociology, Environmental Science and Religion & Philosophy. Hated Enviro Science, and quit. Went to Vanuatu in September for Michael’s sister’s wedding. LOVED IT. Decided to move to Melbourne at the end of the year to be with Michael.

Age 18. Living with Michael and his mum & stepdad. Enjoyed it, but a lot of tension at times. Studied Year 12 via distance education but gave up. Started looking for work. Got my first proper job with a government initiative for apprentices. Loved it. Bought Inspirata.org. First nephew arrived, Jonah. Got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

Age 19. Continued working. Moved into our own apartment in April. Enjoyed the freedom but it was expensive. Got our first pet, Layla. Got my first and second tattoos.

Age 20. Got another kitty to keep Layla company, and called him Hendrix. Went to my first arena concert to see Ozzy Osbourne. Came out of the broom closet. By June, decided we’d had enough of paying an exorbatant amount of rent and decided to move back to Tasmania. Got my third (and kind of fourth) tattoos. Packed up and left in August. Moved in with Mum & Dad to get us on our feet. Michael got a job at a printer cartridge store. I continued looking for work.

Age 21. Huge party for my 21st, with friends coming down from Melbourne. Layla passed away. Cried. A lot. Moved into a rental. Bought Terri.nu Had two job interviews in May, and accepted one position as Legal Secretary. Started living a little, since we now had two incomes. Decided to get married with 5 months to plan. Married in November.

Age 22. Managed to hold down my job for 12 months +. Lost a close family member to suicide. Moved out of the rental and bought our own house. Became DIY-lover. Resced Delilah. Continuing to work. Michael’s best mate got married. And … ?

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Where did my holidays go?!

So I’m back to work on Monday – leaving officially 2 days of my holidays. Where the hell did that time go?! I mean, I know I only got off work on the 23rd December, and we went to Melbourne on the 24th, the Gold Coast on the 27th, and then came home on the 2nd January, so that’s a decent chunk, but I had an extra week, and I feel like I’ve achieved nothing!

You know when time sometimes seems to fly by in some aspects, but the same amount of time seems to have been going for a long time? That’s kind of how I feel right now.

In other news, it’s like a month till my birthday. Woohoo!!! I’ve already asked my Mum if they can buy me a 1TB external harddrive, because I am running out of room on my computer, fast, and I don’t have any additional SATA slots left. Actually, I think I have one… but I’ll just get the external HDD. I can share it with Michael, then.

Also, I thought of my Dad’s 60th birthday present already – and his birthday is September. I received an email fwd from him – some ‘things you’ve done in your life’, and one of the questions was ‘Got a tattoo?’. His answer was ‘No, but there is one I have considered’. I asked him what it was, and he said ‘The Eureka Flag‘. So, I think I’m gonna organise for him to get his first tattoo on his birthday. I won’t tell him at all until the day – I mean, why not when he’s 60?! He’s semi-retired, so doesn’t need to worry about it for his job or anything, and it’ll only be small. I thought it was a neat idea and Mum agreed! So we’ll see what happens, but I reckon it’d be an awesome present.

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Nothing Special (still)…

I am still not doing anything hugely important. I feel lame for not blogging, but there’s nothing really to write about. Right now, I’m sitting in front of the TV with my laptop, watching The Biggest Loser and talking to Michael. He just got back from the weekend in Melbourne for his mum’s 50th birthday. It was kind of nice to get some time apart, but I’m glad he’s home.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been blessed with the job of taking over ‘Graphic Designer’ role for the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance, Inc. newsletter. The original GD, who had been in the role for 10 years, quit due to time and internet restraints, so I put my hand up straight away. I managed to pump out the latest newsletter, which was running late, in under 24 hours, so the State Coordinator and the Editor of the newsletter were really impressed with that – it makes me feel good to know I can contribute even more to this group I’m a part of.

Um so not much else to mention, other than mentioning the new endeavour that Catie and I have undertaken – check that out at Beauty-U. I’m meaning to post more there but the other things I’m doing (housework, Pagan Alliance stuff, etc.) have taken priority. I’ll try to post a couple of vids or blog posts this week.

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Some News

So it’s been about two and a half weeks since we got back from our break in Melbourne over Easter, which is madness because it seems to have gone sooo quickly. It was great to catch up with friends there, especially Manda since I hadn’t seen her since we moved back to Tassie (that’s about 9 months, people!). It was like we’d never been apart at all, it was excellent.

Anyway, I’ve been busy. I’ve finally got somewhat of a job – I’m doing a website for a local jewellers. Essentially I’ll be running their online side of things – they’ll have an online store and such, and I’m in charge of all that, so it’ll be an ongoing task. I’ll be paid monthly, and the owner of the business said there’s also the possibility of my earning a commission off sales from the website, which is AWESOME. It looks like things are finally starting to look up :)
Also, we’re looking at getting our own place – we looked at an apartment for rent yesterday, but it was far too small and there weren’t enough powerpoints for us geeky types. Hell, there wasn’t even space for a washing machine, and nowhere to put bathroom products, so we said no. We’re going to look at another place, which is a lot more money (an extra $55 a week) than the one we looked at, but it will hopefully be a lot better. We’ve worked it out and we could survive on Michael’s income alone, but with mine it should be a breeze.

We also got Guitar Hero World Tour! It’s so much fun – I love the drums, finally something I’m good at! We bought it with money that Michael made selling football cards on eBay. Which brings me to my next point – I’m thinking of starting up my jewellery making again – just little beaded things – and selling them on eBay, to bring in a little extra cash. Goodness knows we need as much as we can get right now. So I’m just looking into that now.

School has been highly unmotivating, and I’ve barely touched my work lately. If anyone knows anything about development methodologies, please get in touch with me because I can’t get my freakin’ head around it! (It’s website development, by the way).

Anyway, that’s enough for a quick update. I’ve been flat out otherwise – with this jeweller’s website, mostly, and since my mum’s been working afternoon shifts it’s meant I’ve had to cook for the family, which has been less than inspiring!

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Business and Birthdays

Today’s been a little “all over the place”. I woke up at 9:30am (trust me, that’s early folks), and by 10:30 I was out of the house. I went around to a local Indian restaurant and spoke to the owner (whom I’d spoken to briefly last night at dinner) about getting a website up for them. He seems pretty keen, but they’re going on a week’s holiday soon and are currently out of money, so he’s going to contact me when they get back about kicking it all off.
I also went to a little nerdy shop (sells American candies, soft drink, trading cards, etc.) and offered them a website as well. The owner’s wife said he was going to be doing the website, but if he doesn’t have the time or the energy to do it while also running the business, they would be happy to support me as a local business getting off my feet, so that was really lovely.

The rest of the day has been cleaning up the yard for someone’s 21st birthday party next Saturday (I’m not sure who, do you?) and just generally getting things tidy. I haven’t helped much simply because … I can’t. I’ll help Mum paint the new laundry wall when she gets home. Speaking of the party, things are coming together – I have my auntie making my cake, my dad’s cousin doing the DJing, and friends coming from Melbourne, which will be great. The one thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing my sister and her boyfriend – I love them both so much and have missed them heaps, since the last time I saw them was November.

I need to get an outfit situated!!! I might have to go shopping on the Friday before (since that’s Pay Day) and get Michael to buy me a nice top or something. I have nice jeans, but I want a pretty top to go with them. I was thinking a dress, but I don’t normally wear dresses so I thought it best to just wear what I would normally wear. Michael has also, after many problems and emailing back and forth with the seller, bought me a phone off eBay. We originally bought and paid for a pink LG KF600, but the seller was out of stock (don’t ask why they had an option up to buy it if they didn’t have it in stock – I have no idea), but I settled on a pink LG KS360 (more photos, the last two are the colour I’m getting), which is very different, but just as nice. And since I usually text rather than call anyway, it’s probably more ideal for me. But I really needed a new phone since I’m starting up this busniess – my Motorola Razr V3 just doesn’t cut it any more.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling from me today, otherwise I’ll have nothing to write tomorrow!

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