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The Last Ten Years

Inspired by my dear friend Sarah, and after seeing this on a couple of other blogs, it caused me to reflect back on the last decade and see how much I’ve changed in what really is a relatively short amount of time. It still seems strange to me that I can even remember back ten years – I know that I’m 22 and that I was 12 then, but it still doesn’t seem right that I should be able to remember back that far. Anyway, here goes…

Age 12. In Grade 6, my final year of primary school. I remember I had a major crush on a guy in my class. Getting ready to head off to high school. Killing Heidi were (and still are) my favourite band. Started really getting involved with computers and webdesign.

Age 13. My first year of high school. Felt awkward and out-of-place. Met some beautiful people, and some mean ones too. Discovered my real love for webdesign and got stuck into it. Had many high school crushes. Met my best friend (at the time), Sarah. Started wearing makeup. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 14. Barely remember it, but this is the year I started dance classes at school and fell in love with it. Discovered more friends and made my first male best friend. Got my site hosted for the very first time. Started learning how to use FTP. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 15. Fell madly in love with a guy I met online, only to be dumped and told he’d been cheating on me. In the interim, fell for another guy online (Michael) and met him in November. Lost the ‘V-Plates’. High school musical production, great fun and awesome experience. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award, along with three subject awards for Social Science, Dance and Media Studies. Passed Learner’s Permit test and started driving lessons with my mum and dad.

Age 16. Final year of high school. Many trips back and forth to Melbourne to see Michael. Entered the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge with my dance class, and came fourth out of about 20 schools. Grades dropped a bit, enough to miss out on the OAA award for the fourth time. Didn’t care; was in love.

Age 17. First year of college (Year 11). Had a ball this year – great classes, more relaxed learning atmosphere. Studied English, Maths, Psychology & Sociology, Environmental Science and Religion & Philosophy. Hated Enviro Science, and quit. Went to Vanuatu in September for Michael’s sister’s wedding. LOVED IT. Decided to move to Melbourne at the end of the year to be with Michael.

Age 18. Living with Michael and his mum & stepdad. Enjoyed it, but a lot of tension at times. Studied Year 12 via distance education but gave up. Started looking for work. Got my first proper job with a government initiative for apprentices. Loved it. Bought Inspirata.org. First nephew arrived, Jonah. Got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

Age 19. Continued working. Moved into our own apartment in April. Enjoyed the freedom but it was expensive. Got our first pet, Layla. Got my first and second tattoos.

Age 20. Got another kitty to keep Layla company, and called him Hendrix. Went to my first arena concert to see Ozzy Osbourne. Came out of the broom closet. By June, decided we’d had enough of paying an exorbatant amount of rent and decided to move back to Tasmania. Got my third (and kind of fourth) tattoos. Packed up and left in August. Moved in with Mum & Dad to get us on our feet. Michael got a job at a printer cartridge store. I continued looking for work.

Age 21. Huge party for my 21st, with friends coming down from Melbourne. Layla passed away. Cried. A lot. Moved into a rental. Bought Terri.nu Had two job interviews in May, and accepted one position as Legal Secretary. Started living a little, since we now had two incomes. Decided to get married with 5 months to plan. Married in November.

Age 22. Managed to hold down my job for 12 months +. Lost a close family member to suicide. Moved out of the rental and bought our own house. Became DIY-lover. Resced Delilah. Continuing to work. Michael’s best mate got married. And … ?

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Time for a Blog-Blog.

So the last couple of blogs have just been me blabbing on about the new house. I mean, it has been the biggest thing to happen to me lately, so it warrants at least a couple of blog posts about simply that, but I guess I want to update about where I’m at right now.

I’m still unemployed, but still working on this website for the jewellers, like I mentioned a couple of entries back. I am also still studying, although not with as much vigor, since my paid work takes priority, and my teacher never seems to get back to me about the questions I ask, so if they won’t help me I can’t do the work.

I didn’t make it to the Samhain event that I was so looking forward to – basically because we moved house, and we decided to start moving in straight away, I was so exhausted by Friday that I couldn’t see myself enjoying the weekend, so I opted out. I’ll definitely go to the Yule event, coming up in June – I’ve already missed two events, I’m not going to miss another.

Tomorrow we’re going to lunch with Michael’s cousin who is visiting, with his girlfriend, from Adelaide. It should be good to see him, we haven’t seen him in probably 12 months, but I will be glad when it’s over. I just need some time to relax – it’s been go-go-go for the last week. I mean, I only realised yesterday that we’ve already lived in the new place for a week; it feels like we’ve only been here a couple of nights. Madness.

Anyway, I guess that’s a basic rundown of what’s happening with me – nothing hugely exciting but it’s definitely not been boring. We’re heading out for lunch on Sunday with my nana and pop and the rest of my mum’s side of the family for Mother’s Day, then heading back here to ours for dinner (I’m just making pumpkin soup, since we’ll be having a big lunch). So I’m looking forward to that :)

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Some News

So it’s been about two and a half weeks since we got back from our break in Melbourne over Easter, which is madness because it seems to have gone sooo quickly. It was great to catch up with friends there, especially Manda since I hadn’t seen her since we moved back to Tassie (that’s about 9 months, people!). It was like we’d never been apart at all, it was excellent.

Anyway, I’ve been busy. I’ve finally got somewhat of a job – I’m doing a website for a local jewellers. Essentially I’ll be running their online side of things – they’ll have an online store and such, and I’m in charge of all that, so it’ll be an ongoing task. I’ll be paid monthly, and the owner of the business said there’s also the possibility of my earning a commission off sales from the website, which is AWESOME. It looks like things are finally starting to look up :)
Also, we’re looking at getting our own place – we looked at an apartment for rent yesterday, but it was far too small and there weren’t enough powerpoints for us geeky types. Hell, there wasn’t even space for a washing machine, and nowhere to put bathroom products, so we said no. We’re going to look at another place, which is a lot more money (an extra $55 a week) than the one we looked at, but it will hopefully be a lot better. We’ve worked it out and we could survive on Michael’s income alone, but with mine it should be a breeze.

We also got Guitar Hero World Tour! It’s so much fun – I love the drums, finally something I’m good at! We bought it with money that Michael made selling football cards on eBay. Which brings me to my next point – I’m thinking of starting up my jewellery making again – just little beaded things – and selling them on eBay, to bring in a little extra cash. Goodness knows we need as much as we can get right now. So I’m just looking into that now.

School has been highly unmotivating, and I’ve barely touched my work lately. If anyone knows anything about development methodologies, please get in touch with me because I can’t get my freakin’ head around it! (It’s website development, by the way).

Anyway, that’s enough for a quick update. I’ve been flat out otherwise – with this jeweller’s website, mostly, and since my mum’s been working afternoon shifts it’s meant I’ve had to cook for the family, which has been less than inspiring!

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Pain, Exercise and School Updates

Feels like ages since I last posted, but it’s only been 5 days. I guess my days have been dragging or something.

I did stocktake on Saturday. It was okay, but I don’t think I’d do it again. It was pretty simple work, very monotonous (just scanning items on racks). The worst thing is that my body was absolutely buggered by the end of it – standing up and walking around for 6 hours without a break to sit down took its toll. Yesterday (Sunday) I could barely walk, and couldn’t even get up out of my seat without assistance – thank god it was a Sunday and Michael was home to help me out. I’ve tried to keep moving but it is very painful. I’m still sore today, and had to get my dad to take me around to the post office to post my bestie’s birthday present. The post office is less than a 10 minute walk from our house, so that’s saying something about the pain I’m in. This is just showing me that I need to get moving more often.

I did go for three 30+ minute walks last week – on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with my mum and our family friend. We’re trying to make it a habit, although it’s difficult for my mum, with shift work, but I at least go with our friend and the dog, and get a half hour in.

As for weight loss, nothing’s happening yet. I hit a low when I put on weight over the last few days, but I haven’t been eating well (despite exercising quite a bit). It’s slowly coming back off, but yeah it was kind of disappointing. Just have to regain my enthusiasm that I had in January.

I put in an expression of interest for school last Wednesday, but am still awaiting someone to contact me to confirm. I hate waiting for people, especially since I’m doing or have done everything I can and then it’s just up to someone else. Freakin’ hell it’s frustrating.

Anyway, totally babbling now. I shall post again in a day or two.

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Procrastinator Extraordinaire.

So right now, I’m totally procrastinating over applying for a couple of jobs that have been advertising. Looking at it, I shouldn’t be doing so. Why? Because I’ve been out of work since July 25th, and I need a job. This should be priority, and should have me motivated.

But I’m not. Because, I think, I’ve received so many fucking rejections since August that I feel my subconscious is feeling it’s not worth it anymore. Especially in regards to the fact that I’m looking at going back to school, and the fact I now have my own business (although I’m still getting it off the ground); it kind of feels pointless when I’ll be going to school full-time, ya know?

The other de-motivating fact is that the application letters need to be handwritten. WTF? Who handwrites anything anymore?

This job application needs to be in by Friday, which means I have to post it by Thursday at the latest. Bah.

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