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The Last Ten Years

Inspired by my dear friend Sarah, and after seeing this on a couple of other blogs, it caused me to reflect back on the last decade and see how much I’ve changed in what really is a relatively short amount of time. It still seems strange to me that I can even remember back ten years – I know that I’m 22 and that I was 12 then, but it still doesn’t seem right that I should be able to remember back that far. Anyway, here goes…

Age 12. In Grade 6, my final year of primary school. I remember I had a major crush on a guy in my class. Getting ready to head off to high school. Killing Heidi were (and still are) my favourite band. Started really getting involved with computers and webdesign.

Age 13. My first year of high school. Felt awkward and out-of-place. Met some beautiful people, and some mean ones too. Discovered my real love for webdesign and got stuck into it. Had many high school crushes. Met my best friend (at the time), Sarah. Started wearing makeup. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 14. Barely remember it, but this is the year I started dance classes at school and fell in love with it. Discovered more friends and made my first male best friend. Got my site hosted for the very first time. Started learning how to use FTP. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award.

Age 15. Fell madly in love with a guy I met online, only to be dumped and told he’d been cheating on me. In the interim, fell for another guy online (Michael) and met him in November. Lost the ‘V-Plates’. High school musical production, great fun and awesome experience. Achieved high grades and was awarded an Outstanding Academic Achievement award, along with three subject awards for Social Science, Dance and Media Studies. Passed Learner’s Permit test and started driving lessons with my mum and dad.

Age 16. Final year of high school. Many trips back and forth to Melbourne to see Michael. Entered the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge with my dance class, and came fourth out of about 20 schools. Grades dropped a bit, enough to miss out on the OAA award for the fourth time. Didn’t care; was in love.

Age 17. First year of college (Year 11). Had a ball this year – great classes, more relaxed learning atmosphere. Studied English, Maths, Psychology & Sociology, Environmental Science and Religion & Philosophy. Hated Enviro Science, and quit. Went to Vanuatu in September for Michael’s sister’s wedding. LOVED IT. Decided to move to Melbourne at the end of the year to be with Michael.

Age 18. Living with Michael and his mum & stepdad. Enjoyed it, but a lot of tension at times. Studied Year 12 via distance education but gave up. Started looking for work. Got my first proper job with a government initiative for apprentices. Loved it. Bought Inspirata.org. First nephew arrived, Jonah. Got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

Age 19. Continued working. Moved into our own apartment in April. Enjoyed the freedom but it was expensive. Got our first pet, Layla. Got my first and second tattoos.

Age 20. Got another kitty to keep Layla company, and called him Hendrix. Went to my first arena concert to see Ozzy Osbourne. Came out of the broom closet. By June, decided we’d had enough of paying an exorbatant amount of rent and decided to move back to Tasmania. Got my third (and kind of fourth) tattoos. Packed up and left in August. Moved in with Mum & Dad to get us on our feet. Michael got a job at a printer cartridge store. I continued looking for work.

Age 21. Huge party for my 21st, with friends coming down from Melbourne. Layla passed away. Cried. A lot. Moved into a rental. Bought Terri.nu Had two job interviews in May, and accepted one position as Legal Secretary. Started living a little, since we now had two incomes. Decided to get married with 5 months to plan. Married in November.

Age 22. Managed to hold down my job for 12 months +. Lost a close family member to suicide. Moved out of the rental and bought our own house. Became DIY-lover. Resced Delilah. Continuing to work. Michael’s best mate got married. And … ?

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2009 Faves – The Answers

Well, not really. Because the things that people wanted to hear about are things I’ve already posted about :P

So for reference, here are the posts about the bigger events that happened in 2009.

The New Place – moving back into our own space was excellent, after living for something like 9-10 months at my parents’ place. We’d lived together on our own before, so it wasn’t a particularly outstanding achievement or event in itself, but it was a regaining of our freedom and independence.

New Beginnings – moving to Terri.nu was a big change – I still use the name ‘Inspirata’ for my website design stuff, but I felt it was time to move to something bigger and better. Terri.nu was a domain name I’d wanted for a while – it’s me, of course, and my name isn’t changing any time soon! Again, not much to this event, but it was something I did that stood out this year.

The Wedding Post – and of course, the biggest thing that happened in 2009 was our wedding. What can I say but it’s the start of the next phase of our relationship, true commitment to each other. The happiest day of my life.

And that’s about it. I did get a job in 2009, as well, which I am grateful for. I didn’t listen to the radio at all, unless I was in the car with my parents. I watched far too much TV and spent too much time playing The Sims 2 & 3. I lost 8kg in 12 months without even trying.

We lost Layla in February, whom we miss dearly (RIP Mama-Puss), which was a real breaking point for me, since I loved her so much.

Thankfully, though, Layla was our only loss this year – I wish it could have gone without any losses, but I suppose when a person’s or animal’s time has come, there’s not much you can really do about it.

In general, 2009 wasn’t bad. But, bring on 2010!

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The Wedding Post

For two weeks now, I’ve been a married woman. Yes, you heard right. And I’ve never been happier. But, I thought I’d better post about it before the rush of the day completely leaves my brain (and only recalls the important parts!).

Now be warned, there’s quite a few photos, so for those of you on slower internet connections, here’s your warning – IMAGE HEAVY!!!

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Less than 3 weeks… (Wedding Update No. 5)

So, it’s now officially less than three weeks until I’m a Mrs. I can’t believe how quickly this has come around – it honestly feels like I was only posting here to announce we’d made the decision to get married about a week ago, and now it’s happening. I don’t have any nerves or anxieties about the marriage itself – I’m more worried on how the day will turn out, if I’ll fall flat on my face, cry and make my makeup run, or if my hair will get all fucked up. I’m trying not to worry too much about things – whatever happens will happen for a reason – but being a control freak I can’t help myself sometimes.

Pretty much everything is organised – yesterday was the RSVP cut-off date, so I now just need to send out a message to everyone to let them know if they haven’t RSVPed, they need to do it within the next couple of days at the latest, since we need to confirm numbers for catering and such.

The ceremony has been finalised with our celebrant, so that’s complete. My bouquet I decided not to make, but ordered them from a local florist. They are silk roses – a pink bunch for myself and white posys for my bridesmaids (I thought pink against my white dress and white against their pink dresses would be cute). We’ve also got a photographer lined up, whom we just need to meet with and discuss what we’re after, since he also works away from here 4 weeks at a time (4 weeks on, 4 weeks off).

The only other thing I’ve kind of left until the last minute was my dress hoop and the invites to the Hen’s Night. I thought I might not need the hoop, but I have ordered one from eBay and asked they send it asap, seeing as it’s only 3 weeks away! Also, I’ve been debating as to whom to invite to the Hen’s Night – friends are a no-brainer, but in terms of family it can be hard. Anyway, I guess I’ll just invite everyone and see what happens :P

So it’s all fun and games in the Hyland-Baran household (soon to be just Baran – I’ve decided to take his name after months of being adamant I’d keep my own :P) and I’ll keep you posted :)

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Wedding Update #4

It is so amazing how time flies by. I have been so busy at work and taking care of things at home that I just have not had a chance to even get on the computer, let alone type up a blog post. It seems like only yesterday Michael and I made the decision to get married, and now it’s only 9 weeks until the big day! I always scoffed when my mum told me that each year, as you get older, flies by faster than the last, but now I know exactly what she was talking about. Before we know it, it will be 2010 and Michael and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary :P

Anyway, to update you on what’s happening in terms of the wedding since I last posted about it: -

  • My Nan has already made the cake (a fruitcake) and it is now in a container at her house, ready for the fondant.
  • My Auntie has accepted the request for her to be our MC at the reception – we just need to sit down and talk with her about exactly what we want her to say – mostly it will be just introducing us as a couple, and inviting people to tell stories or make speeches.
  • Guest list was finalised a few weeks ago, and invitations went out a couple of weeks ago. I handmade every invite (and I’ll post a picture below of them) and then had my mum send them out.
  • Shoes for both Michael and I have been purchased. Michael’s were relatively easy to find, and cost $160 (down from $400, mind you!). Mine were more difficult to find; we spent a whole weekend looking for them and ended up finding them at Cotton On for $30, so I was pretty impressed! Photo of these below as well.
  • Michael’s suit has been purchased in Melbourne, and is being altered to fit. His parents will be picking it up.
  • My dress arrived a few weeks back, but since I don’t want Michael to see it, no photos will be posted online yet! It’s beautiful, though. I absolutely love it.
  • The reception will be catered by the Catering Class at the High School I attended. We just need to find someone to tend bar and serve the food (and we have a couple people in mind).

So really all that’s left to do is to finalise our ceremony with our celebrant, to make my bouquet and the arrangements for my bridesmaids, and to organise a photographer (we’ve possibly got one lined up).

Everything is coming along great – it’s starting to get really exciting now!

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